Maintenance & Repairs

We redefine the standard of care for your residential properties through our unparalleled maintenance and repair services. We understand that the key to preserving the value and desirability of your investment lies in proactive and responsive property maintenance. With our dedicated team, state-of-the-art technology, and commitment to excellence, we ensure that your properties are maintained to the highest standards.

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Our Maintenance and Repair Services

Proactive Property Inspections

Our team conducts regular, thorough inspections to identify potential issues before they escalate. Proactive maintenance not only saves you from costly repairs but also enhances the overall longevity and value of your property.

Emergency Response

We prioritise the safety and well-being of your tenants. Our emergency response team is ready to address urgent repairs promptly, ensuring that any unforeseen issues are resolved quickly and efficiently.

Contractor Management

We have established partnerships with a network of reliable and skilled contractors. From plumbers, electricians, carpenters, general builders to handymen, we coordinate and manage all aspects of property repairs, ensuring that your property is kept in tip top condition.

Cost-Effective Solutions

We understand the importance of managing costs without compromising on quality. Our team works diligently to provide cost-effective solutions, ensuring that your maintenance budget is utilised efficiently while maintaining the highest standards of workmanship.

Experience peace of mind with Tenant Direct where maintenance and repair services are not just a necessity but a commitment to the longevity and prosperity of your residential properties. You can trust us to be your dedicated partner in caring for your property