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    Student Property

    Southampton FAQs

    We are the number one choice for students in Southampton and our reputation is built on the first class service that we offer.

    At Tenant Direct, we understand that students may need a bit more support and guidance than our other tenants, because they are dealing with so many new experiences in their lives. Not only are they studying away from home, they are also living in a new city, managing a tight budget and far from the support network they have known. So we do everything we can to minimise the anxiety where your rented accommodation is concerned.

    We manage a long list of properties owned by very reputable landlords, and we check every property that we manage to ensure that the accommodation is safe and well maintained.

    All of the properties on our books have the required certification for health and safety - such as GAS SAFE safety certification for gas appliances. In fact, we will not advertise a property until all the appropriate checks have been done.

    We will draw up the Assured Shorthold Tenancy agreements with your landlord, on a Joint Tenancy (where all students sharing are listed on one contract).

    From 6th April 2007, the government authorised three companies to act as scheme administrators for tenant's security deposits, these are namely ‘The Deposit Protection Service’ (DPS), ‘The Dispute Service’ (TDS) and ‘Mydeposits.co.uk’ . Therefore, when a landlord or agent takes receipt of a tenant's deposit, it must be registered with one of these companies within 14 days of the start of the tenancy, The landlord or agent is then obligated to inform the tenant of the name of the company under which it is held.

    Any dispute over the deposit will be arbitrated by the scheme administrator. The independent case examiner will decide on the distribution of the deposit after hearing both parties side of the story and will issue their verdict and the deposit must be distributed in line with this.

    It depends when you are looking to move in. If you want to secure somewhere for the new academic year you will have more choice the earlier you start looking. Most landlords like to get their contracts organised by 1st July, so they will be advertising from November onwards.

    The best properties in the best locations are always the first to go so the longer you leave it to look the less choice become available. So if you want something that ticks every box the earlier you look the more chance you have of getting what you want.

    We are an independent company with ambitious plans for our business - so we work hard to impress people with our service. We have set very high standards for ourselves. We make sure we only deal with honest and trustworthy landlords with well maintained, clean and safe accommodation to offer. We advise our landlords on the furniture and furnishings to provide, the security checks that need to be made and, if we are managing the property, we take care of any repair or maintenance problems in a timely way.

    We also make sure that when we see you into a property, you have all the information you need at hand should any problems arise.

    Absolutely not. Nothing is payable until you want to secure one of the properties on our books.

    To secure a property (so that we stop advertising it to others) you and anyone you will be sharing with will need to pay a 'Reservation' per person. You will also be required to sign the tenancy agreement.

    (If the landlord pulls out of the deal for any reason, the money would be returned to you. However, if you decide not to go ahead with the tenancy, the Reservation will not be refunded. So don't pay a Reservation until you are absolutely sure this is the property for you!)

    Within 14 days of signing your contract for the property and paying your reservation, you will need to pay the first months rent as a retainer to secure the property.14 days prior to the tenancy commencing you will need to pay the security deposit (the amount of which varies dependent on the property you have chosen)

    The total balance therefore is made up of:

    • The first months rent

    • The security deposit

    The initial reservation payment is equivalent to 1 weeks rental, we then send you a login to our website where you fill in your application forms and upload ID, once this is done we will send you the tenancy agreement for e-signing.

    When the tenancy agreement is signed we will ask you to pay the balance of the first months rent.

    Your security deposit is payable 2 weeks prior to your moving in date.

    The deposit money will be returned to you when the tenancy is ended (assuming there are no damages, breakages or rent arrears to pay out of it). Please note the deposit money cannot be used as your last month's rent.

    We have many HMOs (Houses for Multiple Occupancy) on our books, with accommodation for up to 9 students sharing. We group properties by the number of available bedrooms, which cuts down the time you have to spend looking for what you need.

    What are my responsibilities as a tenant?

    Unless a charge for bills has been included in your rent, you will be responsible for paying the phone, gas and electricity bills and the water rates. You will need to notify the companies concerned, and arrange to have the meters read. (To avoid any disputes over the bills, you may want to put one bill in each name to spread the responsibility. You could also pay regular amounts into a kitty, so it is not a financial shock when the bills arrive).

    If everyone in the house is a student, you will all be exempt from paying Council Tax - but you must send proof to the Council Tax Office that you are a full-time student before the charge is waived. We can tell you more about this when you sign up for a tenancy.

    We recommend that you take out insurance to protect your possessions while you are living away from home. You may also want to consider insurance against damaging your landlord's possessions.

    (We are agents for HomeLet, a specialist insurer dealing with landlords and tenants, and there are links to the application forms on our website if you want to get a quick quote online).

    If you have a Joint Tenancy agreement (where the names of all tenants are listed on the one contract) you only need one TV licence to cover all the TVs in the house. You can pick up a TV Licence Application Form from any PayPoint outlet - which means any local newsagent, convenience store, supermarket or petrol station displaying the PayPoint sign.

    If everyone in the house is on a Separate Tenancy agreement (with a different contract for everyone sharing) you will all need separate TV licences.

    When you move out, you will need to leave the place clean and tidy and free of rubbish. In our experience, it makes it much easier if students do short bursts of regular cleaning, rather than leaving everything to the last minute! If a property is not left in a clean condition, the landlord has the right to arrange for the property to be commercially cleaned and to deduct the (significant) cost from your deposit. So every now and again, run the vacuum cleaner around, clean the toilets, de-gunk the fridge and wipe down the windows and so on. After all, you will have to do all these things when you buy a home of your own, one day.

    You will be expected to keep the garden tidy too.

    If we are managing the property, ring us first with any problems. If not, contact the landlord directly. As managing agents, we promise to deal with any matter in a timely fashion, with urgent matters (relating to your health and safety) taking top priority. If you are dealing with your landlord, you should also put your request in writing, explaining the nature of the problem and the date it was reported so that you can be sure that it will be dealt with promptly. Just leaving a phone message won't do, because by law, a landlord is not obliged to respond until he receives written confirmation of the request.

    Do you have a question we haven’t covered here?

    Please get in touch, we are here to help.

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